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Example of results

Images were generated with Midjourney from a prompt that was built with G-Prompter.

Piece of art generated by Midjourney + GPrompter
In a kaleidoscopic art piece, Doctor Strange beckons on you to embrace the mystical energy of the multiverse. Amidst the intricate patterns and cosmic motifs, his iconic cloak of levitation billows behind him, exuding arcane power. Strange's hands are poised in incantation gestures, conjuring a dazzling display of energy that crackles and glows against a backdrop of swirling dimensions. The scene is a fusion of psychedelic and Renaissance art, with bright jewel tones and fine detail. The piece showcases Doctor Strange's mastery of the mystic arts, hinting at the infinite possibilities of the multiverse.
A photograph of a jubilant protagonist awash in a frenzy of vibrant hues and intricate illustrations, overflowing with his contagious enthusiasm for life. The character should be depicted in a symmetrical style featuring different aspects of his life, from camping in a forest, dancing in the rain, exploring ancient ruins, snowboarding, and more. Each scene should showcase his personality and interests while inviting the viewer to join him in his excitement. Dynamic poses, flowing lines, and a dream - like atmosphere will infuse life into this character.
Create a stunning Breakcore-inspired digital artwork featuring a fashion model with a band aid covering her right eye, amidst a bustling metropolis ravaged by a catastrophic event. The model must exude a punkish, defiant air while shattered buildings, twisted metal and flames. The artwork should have a frenetic, fast-paced energy and be filled with chaotic glitch art, sharp lines, and bold contrasting colors
A dazzling digital rendering of a futuristic world in which a humanoid skull with bright pink glasses and headband floats above a dynamic city. The scene includes intricate details such as neon lights, complex circuitry, and metallic architecture. The style is a blend of surrealist and science fiction elements with a punk rock edge, inspired by the works of artists such as Alex Ross and Simon Bisley. The colors are electrifying and vivid, showcasing a post-apocalyptic landscape that is both beautiful and dangerous
Create an expressive mixed media piece of a five - star chef in their studio, in the process of blending aliments for an exotic dish. The chef is surrounded by a colorful array of ingredients. The style should be a fusion of realism and impressionism, with details drawn to capture the movements of the chef's hands. The background should feature sketches of culinary tools and recipes as if glimpsing inside the chef's creative mind.
Create an artwork featuring a man attached to a retro-futuristic rocket ship as it blasts off towards Mars. Incorporate intricate details such as swirling galaxies, cosmic energy, and glowing circuitry. The style should evoke a blend of eclectic steampunk and retro-futurism, with elements of Art Nouveau and stained glass design. The color palette should feature vibrant shades of teal, magenta, gold, and silver. The overall effect should be surreal, whimsical, and visually stunning
A surrealistic artwork that portrays a dystopian world where humans are forced to wear animal masks to survive, inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch and Rene Magritte. The art should incorporate a moody and dark color palette with a post-apocalyptic setting, showing people wearing masks of animals such as lions, tigers, and bears. The image should also feature elements of mixed media that incorporate materials such as fur, leather, metal, and other organic and inorganic materials to create an intricate and unsettling texture

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