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Mad Prompts are compilations of my finest prompts that have consistently produced visually stunning and imaginative results. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or an AI enthusiast experimenting with Midjourney, I hope this volume will help you or at least spark a little something.

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A photograph of a jubilant protagonist awash in a frenzy of vibrant hues and intricate illustrations

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Create a mixed media art piece of a queenly black goddess of the sun, surrounded by radiant energy, holding and offering fruits of the earth. Use an array of warm and rich colors with abstract symbolism and a fusion of tribal and steampunk styles.
CAll yellow. Photograph a black goddess of the sun in a mystical setting, holding a blazing sun orb amidst a backdrop of molten dark orange and gold colors. Her attire should reflect both her regal and divine nature, and the image should convey an aura of power and mystique.
A photography of a Hip-Hop skeleton wandering down a dark alley bathed in neon light graffiti, accompanied by a stroboscope effect, while music resounds through the empty streets.
Create a stunning digital artwork featuring a hip-hop skeleton dancing amidst a blue and yellow neon gritty background. Using knife painting techniques and glitch art, imbue the skeleton with a gritty, street aesthetic while emphasizing its rhythmic movements and musicality.
A vast and breathtaking landscape of an otherworldly realm, with towering crystal structures catching the light of a vibrant double sun. A singular figure, an ambiguous silhouette of an AI, is strolling curiously through this landscape, creating a beautiful yet intriguing dichotomy between the realms of imagination and the algorithmic existence.
Create a dark, sophisticated memento mori photography with a skull wearing a rose gold crown, sitting on a leather wingback chair, surrounded by pricey vintage wines, books, and cigars. The skull has a monocle and is holding a pocket watch with delicate chain.
Photograph a tribal woman adorned in intricate jewelry, standing in a desolate yet beautiful landscape with an amalgamation of natural & supernatural elements. Incorporate prismatic shadows with a muted pastel gradient background & highlight the woman's leathery skin & piercing eyes using hard lighting.
Create a mixed media artwork representing a Maasai woman adorned in a vibrant shuka and beaded jewelry, surrounded by the vast African savannah. Implement collage elements, isometric perspective, and volumetric shading techniques to accentuate the texture and dimension of the woman's traditional attire.
A photograph of a bored ape in a post-apocalyptic world playing a guitar with cybernetic arms. The ape should be surrounded by neon street art, graffiti, and symbols of destruction. Include a juxtaposition of nature and the man-made, combining elements of hyper-realism and low-poly aesthetics.
A photograph of a glamorous sloth and an alpaca with a cash gun in the style of 1970s exploitation films. Shot with a low-angle perspective and warm lighting, the focus is on a slow-motion capture of the alpaca firing off cash, while the sloth lounges on a fur-lined divan in a sequin jumpsuit and feather boa. The background is a psychedelic, neon-lit dreamscape of stars, rainbows, and palm trees, suggestive of an unsavory world of decadence, glitter, and vice.
A retro-inspired oil painting of a luxurious anthropomorphic sloth on a fur-lined divan. The sloth appears fashionable, adorned with both jewelry and a glimmering jumpsuit. The hot-pink, neon-lit surroundings should embody the indulgent atmosphere of the 1970s, with a surreal dreamscape of stars and palm trees lurking in the background. The sloth's expression playing off the tantalizingly garish surroundings. hip hop aesthetics, wealthy portraiture, photorealistic
Create an artwork inspired by the aurora borealis, where two identical twins are depicted sitting on a bench with the stars above. They each hold an electric guitar, which is plugged into the aurora borealis - which glows and illuminates the surrounding landscape. The artwork should be in the style of 1960s psychedelic posters; vibrant, lost and found edges, with bold contrasting colors. The twins should be dressed in all-black outfits with black gloves, conveying a mysterious aura.
A photograph of two figures entangled in a blur of motion and emotion, with the movements and patterns of light creating a choreography of the senses, conveying a raw and intense energy.
A photograph of a group of steampunk animals gathered in a dim, smoky attic. Each has a unique quirk, 20th-century attire. Stylishly lit, quirks highlighted, this photo will make you wonder.
A photograph of a retro-futuristic robot experiencing a mid-life crisis in a post-apocalyptic desert landscape. The robot is reclining in a lawn chair while wearing a Hawaiian shirt, sipping a martini and staring blankly at a painting of a sunset.
Create an artwork of a mythical creature made up of fragments of celestial bodies, born from a galactic collision. The beast's body is covered in sparkling stardust and glows with the light of a million stars. The creature's form is otherworldly and unique, made up of cosmic debris like billowing gas clouds and glittering asteroids. The beast's eyes are swirling vortexes that look like the edge of a black hole, and its roar is like the distant rumble of a supernova.
A fashion model women swimming in a pool of stars, full body shot, minimalist, design, symmetrical, Prismatic
Create a cinematic, prismatic scene of a minimalist woman swimming in a pool at night, surrounded by bioluminescent flora, accentuating every curve. Employ hues of electric pinks, ocean blues, and vibrant purples to evoke an ethereal atmosphere
A photograph of a humanoid plant creature, deep in a forest of giant flowers. Its body is adorned with iridescent leaves, and it holds a staff emanating a warm glow. The creature seems to be communing with the forest spirits, and the flower petals seem to be dancing in response to its call. Multiple light sources create a kaleidoscopic effect on the petals.
Create a mesmerizing illustration of a jailed skeleton in an all-yellow, high-security, futuristic prison. The gaunt skeleton is clutching the bars with bony fingers, a recent tattoo visible on its wrist, while drones whir overhead and the walls pulse with a sickly greenish-yellow light.
Create a dramatic and chaotic art piece that embodies the concept of wrath as one of the seven deadly sins. Use a bold and contrasting color palette to illustrate the rage, tumult, and destruction that often accompany wrath. Incorporate dynamic and abstract shapes into the piece to show the intensity of this emotion. The style should be a fusion of expressionism and abstract art.
A happy skull man receiving yellow paint splashing in the face, close up, by someone who is throwing it at him
A photograph of a ballerina of light approaching a blazing meteor, captured in ultra slow motion, with a series of integral rainbow trails following her movements. The composition should reflect cosmic harmony, with eyes gazing upward to the heavens. Intricate details not easily noticeable should be strewn throughout the image, shadows and highlights cascading and distorting the perception of space and time. A golden hour filter should be imposed to add an air of romance and drama, while bright golds and orange hues should dominate the color palette.
Glitch, Gritty, Punk
A photograph of a double exposure of a woman standing in front of a city skyline, her silhouette filled with the intricate details of botanical illustrations. The flowers matched her dress, transforming her into a powerful nature goddess with the concrete jungle at her command.
Create a trippy surrealist piece featuring a humanoid creature comprised of neon-lit machinery, floating in a multi-dimensional space filled with floating cubes and rotating fractals. Incorporate elements of vaporwave, cyber-futurism, and psychedelia
Visualize a grand scene of the sun and the moon in living color in the style of Moebius with two people, one full of energy, the other emotional, engrossed in the celestial balance. The art should incorporate a blend of 2D game art with a focus on brilliant shades of red and magenta. The surroundings should feature ancient grandiose ruins, while the movement of the figures should be captured in animated gifs. The final product should evoke a sense of marvel comics and be driven by fluid gestures
A photograph of animal-headed mannequins, male and female, in tight clothing and surreal furniture, in a retro minimalist setting. Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch and Rene Magritte, blending hyper-realism and low-poly aesthetics.
Create a stunning, photorealistic landscape painting of a dramatic mountain range at sunrise, using the hyper-realistic techniques of artist Audrey Kawasaki.
A stunning portrait of a powerful and fierce female warrior, set against a dark and moody background. The image should be in the style of award-winning artist Brom, with realistic details and dramatic lighting
Create a surrealist scene inspired by the works of Salvador Dali and featuring the bold color schemes of Camille Walala. The scene should be set in a cyberpunk cityscape reminiscent of the works of Martin Whatson and Banksy. The piece should incorporate elements of isometric anime and pixel art, with a focus on low poly models and bright neon lights. The final artwork should be created using 3D modeling and photobashing techniques and include Anaglyph Filter effects. The scene should also include an Affandi inspired character, depicted in a humoristic and cute style. The overall aesthetic should have a dark vibe, with a touch of madness and fantasy.
Create a surrealist 3D render of pulsating, luscious fruit-filled worlds, featuring cocoons of pulsating flesh, intricate floral details, and interstellar color ranges reminiscent of champagne, coral reefs sprinkled with gemstones, and golden fire. The work should be inspired by the gothic romance of Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan and contemporary digital painter, Tran Nguyen, utilizing a mixed media technique while incorporating the deep blues, purples and opulent golds seen in the work of Gustav Klimt

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