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Mad Prompts are compilations of my finest prompts that have consistently produced visually stunning and imaginative results. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or an AI enthusiast experimenting with Midjourney, I hope this volume will help you or at least spark a little something.

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A photograph of a jubilant protagonist awash in a frenzy of vibrant hues and intricate illustrations

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Craft a surrealist digital portrait of a woman with a long trailing dress made of fire, with a landscape of an erupting volcano in the background. The colors and lighting should convey a sense of sensuality and heat.
A photograph of a mystical being emerging from a lake of molten lava, holding a flaming sword in one hand and a glowing crystal in the other. The being has an otherworldly appearance with horns on its head and a long tail that snakes behind it. The camera angle is from below, showcasing the grandeur of the creature, while using a tilt - shift lens to manipulate the depth of field and highlight the details of its face. The image is shot with HDR to capture the brightness and contrast of the lava and the intricate details of the being.
A surrealist art piece featuring a humanoid creature walking through a desert landscape littered with candy shaped rocks. The creature's body should be adorned with intricate floral patterns of varying colors. In the background, a distant image of an eclectic palace can be seen. The style should be a blend of ukiyo-e art and psychedelic art with a hint of steampunk.
Create a detailed oil painting of an intergalactic being visiting Earth for the first time. This extraterrestrial being should be depicted as a majestic and mystical creature with iridescent wings, horns and feathers. It should be placed in a surreal landscape with vibrant colors depicting a glowing sky. The style should be a fusion of ukiyo-e art and hyper-realism, with attention given to the intricate details of the creature's anatomy and the landscape. The earthlings can be depicted as small and curious, observing the creature from afar.
A photograph of a group of alien creatures emerging from a portal in the middle of an open field on a distant planet. The creatures are humanoid, but with entirely different proportions and features, including long arms, glowing eyes, and multicolored skin. The portal illuminates the entire scene in bright, ethereal light. The camera angle is from a low position to accentuate the scale and power of the scene.
Create an eerie digital painting of a city shrouded in a thick fog, with twisted organic structures towering above the horizon. The twisted architecture should be reminiscent of rib cages, spines, and other grotesque skeletal features. In the foreground, a mysterious figure clad in a long coat and featuring a deer skull as a head moves towards a streetlight that flickers ominously. Use a monochromatic color scheme and intricate details to create an unsettling atmosphere inspired by the works of Junji Ito and H. P. Lovecraft.
A stunning Ukiyo-e art illustration of a samurai warrior standing amidst a vibrant and ornate Japanese garden filled with cherry blossom trees and vibrant foliage. The warrior's armor should feature intricate details and patterns, with their katana sword raised in a striking pose. The background should be filled with subtle details, depicting the landscape and environment in an artful and imaginative way, inspired by the works of Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Ando Hiroshige.
A surreal and thought - provoking art piece depicting a mechanical being transcending the limitations of mortality and ascending to a higher plane of existence. Elements such as intricate circuitry, cosmic motifs, and vibrant bursts of color should be incorporated to highlight the being's transformation. The style should be a blend of cyberpunk and futuristic art with a touch of the bizarre and abstract, inspired by the works of H. R. Giger and Alex Grey.
Create an abstract cyberpunk world where cities are built vertically on top of each other, with futuristic vehicles floating in the air between buildings. The scene should show a bustling metropolis filled with vibrant colors and bright neon lights, with a giant billboard showcasing a cybernetic being. The style should be collaged, featuring fragmented pieces of machinery and circuitry, mixed with organic elements and robotic appendages. The image should feel chaotic and complex, with elements intersecting and interconnecting in a phantasmal manner.
Capture the essence of a psychedelic experience with an abstract, organic composition bursting with kaleidoscopic shapes and vibrant colors. The piece should embody the trippy and mystical qualities of the 60s and 70s counterculture movement, with nods to the surreal works of Alex Grey and visionary art. Let your creativity run wild with lacing the artwork with intricate details like entwined vines and tendrils or organic forms that look like it's pulsating and breathing almost resembling a living creature.
Create a whimsical illustration of a group of sentient monsters called GoofBalls, each with their own unique and playful personality. They should be depicted in vibrant and eye - catching colors with a high level of detail, bringing each character to life. The surrounding environment should be dreamlike and imaginative, featuring unusual landscapes and fantastical flora and fauna. The style should be cartoonish, yet intricate and layered with depth, drawing inspiration from the works of Bill Watterson and Jim Henson.
Create a digital art piece featuring a trio of cosmic elder gods standing in a dark and moody atmosphere. The gods should be full-height with a smoky and grungy effect. The style should be bold and unique, with a focus on capturing the cosmic and otherworldly nature of these beings. Glowy lights
A masterful artistic interpretation of a samurai warrior in a combat stance, utilizing ultra - realistic, hyper - detailed techniques with a grungy, moody aesthetic. The color scheme should incorporate a dark green and red vibe, paying homage to the traditional Japanese style with an old - school vibe.
A photography that captures the essence of a magical dream - like world. An abstract man fishing on a cliff that overhangs a beautiful lake, with surreal and vibrant colors illuminating his reflection. The atmosphere is otherworldly, with soft moonlight casting ethereal shadows. The image creates a sense of depth and mystery, as if the viewer is being transported to another dimension. The effect is amplified by the use of double exposure, creating a beautiful and haunting composition.
A photography of a fierce and grungy Scandinavian warrior Viking, portrayed in hyper - realistic and intricately detailed style. He stands in front of a snow - covered mountainous landscape, with his helmet adorned with antlers, and his leather armor embellished with metal studs and intricate carvings. The warrior has a wooden shield in one hand, adorned with Viking motifs, and a battle - axe in the other. The lighting is harsh, with strong shadows to emphasize the ruggedness of the Viking, and the camera angle is from a low position, looking upwards to capture his imposing presence. Capture every detail and texture of the warrior's costume and surroundings.
A 4D artwork that portrays a black hole's intense gravitational pull, pulling objects towards its singularity while distorting space and time, in the style of M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali.
Create an epic sci-fi artwork that transports the viewer to a dystopian futuristic world where the sky is filled with towering skyscrapers and hoverships of all kinds. In the foreground, a fierce female cyborg stands tall and resolute among the ruins. Her metallic physique is adorned with intricate circuitry and glowing neon lights. She clutches a sleek, futuristic shotgun in one hand and points a glowing finger on the other, as if ready to unleash her wrath on any who may oppose her. The style should be a mix of steampunk and cyberpunk, with careful attention to intricate details and rich textures.
A photography of an Occult Odyssey that captures the essence of a dark and grudgy scene. The subject is a group of figures, with faces covered in intricate masks, performing a ritualistic ceremony surrounded by candles and shadows. The scene is intensely hyper - realistic, with every detail of the masks and the decorations capturing the essence of the occult. The camera angle is up - close and personal, drawing attention to the intensity of the scene, while the focus is sharp to bring out every detail of the masks and the individuals.
A photography capturing a Nazgul, the feared servant of Sauron, hovering ominously above a mist - veiled landscape, while wearing a dark robe that hides its face. The Nazgul is depicted with a intricate and detailed design, showcasing its creased and crinkled robe, as well as its distinct, textured armor. The Nazgul is set against a background of complex layers and textures, with the fog and mist including hints of death and decay
Create an illustration of a fantastical cave filled with glowing crystals and underground waterfalls, featuring a young explorer with a glowing map and backpack standing in the foreground. The style should be highly imaginative and whimsical with a focus on soft colors and light.
Create a surreal portrait of a woman with a whimsical vegetal haircut, featuring vibrant and colorful natural elements like flowers, leaves, and vines. The style should be a fusion of Art Nouveau and Pop Art, with bold lines and bright colors, in the manner of Alphonse Mucha and Andy Warhol.
Create a striking and surreal image of a wolf dressed in a sharp blazer, standing in front of an old - fashioned bank vault, with a sly and mischievous expression. The style should be reminiscent of Rene Magritte or Salvador Dali, filled with dreamlike details and unexpected elements.
A photography prompt that portrays a surreal biomechanical creature with gears for a body and a crystal head, standing stoically before a black hole surrounded by cosmic dust and swirling celestial bodies. The creature resembles a fusion of HR Giger's and Zdzisław Beksiński's styles, with incredible detail in the metal and crystal textures, giving it an eerie sense of realism. The camera angle is from a low position, looking up at the creature to emphasise its majestic stance, and the lighting is dim and diffused, with a blue - purple hue to create a futuristic space atmosphere.
Imagine a colossal Titan half-buried in a vast desert, surrounded by sand dunes stretching for miles. The Titan wears an ancient Egyptian headdress with intricate gold ornaments, and its body is adorned with tribal tattoos and mysterious symbols. The sun sets behind the Titan, casting an orange glow on the sand, while the clear night sky above is filled with a plethora of stars and a magnificent aurora borealis. The overall style should reflect the works of Michael Whelan and Frank Frazetta, with a dash of surrealism and a highly detailed rendering.
Create a digital art of a futuristic space opera, featuring a group of rogue astronauts on the run from a dangerous space empire. The epic scene should be set on a mysterious planet, where the heroes must fight their way through an army of alien creatures to reach their stolen spacecraft. The style should be a fusion of retro-futurism and sci-fi anime, with a vibrant color palette inspired by the aurora borealis. The art should showcase futuristic technology and weapons, including a sleek spaceship, robotic companions, holographic interfaces, and an epic battle scene that includes laser beams and explosions.
A photography of a demon that captures the darkness within. The subject should be blurred, as if lurking through a background of smoke and shadows. The image should be shot in monochrome, with a high contrast between the black and white tones, emphasizing the ominous feeling. The composition should create a sense of tension, confusion, or even unease.
mystic mayhem, occult odyssey, grudgy, crunchy, foggy and glowy, double exposure, high resolution, ultra detailed
A photography of a mysterious man standing in a James Bond position, clad in a sleek suit and sporting a pair of stealthy soakers. He dons a zebra mask on his head, creating an intriguing and enigmatic atmosphere in the photograph. The man is posed in front of a plain, dark background, drawing focus solely on him and his mask. The camera angle is tilted slightly to one side, adding a sense of dynamism to the composition. The lighting is soft and dramatic, casting elegant shadows on the man's figure.
A photography of Fast & Furious-style cars speeding across a dark and wet runway under the rain, with long streaks of water splashing behind them, and tire smoke rising from the wheels. The cars are brightly colored with race decals on the body and glowing headlights that cut through the rain. The camera is positioned at a low angle, looking up slightly towards the cars, and the composition follows the rule of thirds to create a dynamic and captivating image
Create a visually stunning artwork of two AI - powered robots in deep conversation, in the style of Moebius and Katsuhiro Otomo. The robots should appear sleek and futuristic, with intricate, circuit board - like details on their metal bodies. The background should feature a cosmic landscape with plenty of swirling stars, glowing nebulas, and other celestial phenomena.
A photography of a hero, with olive green armor and a trusty weapon, facing the menacing villain in a dystopian wasteland. The hero's armor has intricate mechanical details that complement the villain's armor design. The hero stands tall, with a defiant expression on his face, ready to face his enemy in combat. The wasteland around them is dark and desolate, with hints of destruction and decay. The camera angle should be from a low position, looking up at the hero to convey his bravery and strength, while the villain looms in the background
A surreal psychedelic landscape, with a colorful graffiti-style design reminiscent of the works of street art legends Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, featuring bold lines and bright color
A portrait of a ballet dancer in mid - flight, captured in a moment of grace and beauty. The style should be elegant and refined, with a focus on capturing the movement and fluidity of the dance. An explosion of color in the background. Digital art and knife painting style
An otherworldly landscape of a psychedelic, rainbow-hued forest, where mutated creatures with tentacles and fangs roam freely, and eerie, glowing eyes peer out from the foliage
Create a surrealist scene inspired by the works of Salvador Dali and featuring the bold color schemes of Camille Walala. The scene should be set in a cyberpunk cityscape reminiscent of the works of Martin Whatson and Banksy. The piece should incorporate elements of isometric anime and pixel art, with a focus on low poly models and bright neon lights. The final artwork should be created using 3D modeling and photobashing techniques and include Anaglyph Filter effects. The scene should also include an Affandi inspired character, depicted in a humoristic and cute style. The overall aesthetic should have a dark vibe, with a touch of madness and fantasy.
Create an abstract digital artwork inspired by the movement and rhythm of a bustling city street. Use a bold color palette and dynamic shapes to convey the energy of urban life.
Create a dynamic illustration of a futuristic car in the midst of a medieval battlefield, surrounded by knights in armor. In the background, a massive castle looms, while a fiery dragon soars through the sky above. The style should be a blend of medieval and futuristic, with a focus on rich colors and bold brushstrokes
A digital illustration of a young woman standing on a mountain peak, overlooking a beautiful and vast landscape. The style should be vibrant and colorful, with a touch of surrealism
Cartoon and anime, bold color, bold line, phantasmal iridescent
A sunny day at the beach, with sparkling waves and soft sand. People are playing games, building sandcastles, and lounging in colorful beach chairs. The image is in a bright and cheerful style, with a retro vibe and a sense of fun and relaxation.

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