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Mad Prompts are compilations of my finest prompts that have consistently produced visually stunning and imaginative results. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or an AI enthusiast experimenting with Midjourney, I hope this volume will help you or at least spark a little something.

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A photograph of a jubilant protagonist awash in a frenzy of vibrant hues and intricate illustrations

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The image depicts a kaleidoscopic storm where a superhero stands alone in admiration. The storm boasts swirling patterns of intertwined colors that create a blinding glow. The superhero has mesmerizing features that align with the theme of the storm, with his suit showcasing fused colors and pointing towards the storm. The overall styling should be psychedelic mixed media, with an emphasis on the superhero's muscular figure and the strong contrasts of refracted light accentuating his suit. The superhero's stance should express power and confidence.
A fantastical image of a man attached to a rocket ship to Mars set in a world of surreal and stimulating steampunk. The rocketship should have intricate details, resembling Leonardo da Vinci's flying machines, while the man should wear an ornamental helmet with golden goggles. In the background, there should be a beautiful panorama with a mixture of sky, clouds, stars, and the Martian landscape, radiating a celestial illumination. The image should portray an atmosphere of adventure and exploration.
In a kaleidoscopic art piece, Doctor Strange beckons on you to embrace the mystical energy of the multiverse. Amidst the intricate patterns and cosmic motifs, his iconic cloak of levitation billows behind him, exuding arcane power. Strange's hands are poised in incantation gestures, conjuring a dazzling display of energy that crackles and glows against a backdrop of swirling dimensions. The scene is a fusion of psychedelic and Renaissance art, with bright jewel tones and fine detail. The piece showcases Doctor Strange's mastery of the mystic arts, hinting at the infinite possibilities of the multiverse.
A surrealistic artwork that portrays a dystopian world where humans are forced to wear animal masks to survive, inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch and Rene Magritte. The art should incorporate a moody and dark color palette with a post-apocalyptic setting, showing people wearing masks of animals such as lions, tigers, and bears. The image should also feature elements of mixed media that incorporate materials such as fur, leather, metal, and other organic and inorganic materials to create an intricate and unsettling texture
Intricate art piece of a person full height, being strike by neon blue and yellow lightning. Person is screaming and his face is driping and painted with colorful details that resemble a hyper - realistic water and vein effect. Skeleton body, really skinny, fleshwith blue and yellow patchwork. Highly detailed anatomy, true to realism; Zombiecore vibe. Remarkable elements of Do Ho Suh. Realism. blue face and electric pink. Vibrand gradiant background with city with extra detailed and lines with barcode effect and glitchs
Create an ethereal painting or digital art of an sensual androgynous AI figure staring in wonderment at a sleeping beauty, who is suspended in the air and surrounded by a swirl of vivid, otherworldly colors. The AI's body should be adorned with intricate circuitry patterns, and their expression should convey a sense of yearning and fascination. The scene should be set in a fantastical realm reminiscent of the works of Hayao Miyazaki, filled with surreal flora and fauna and bathed in a soft, dreamlike light.
A photograph of a woman is inside a sculpture that made from strips of colorful paper, in the style of dark sky - blue and light bronze, glamorous hollywood portraits, flash photography, pixelation, calming symmetry, vibrant stage backdrops, metallic accents
A haunting and surreal landscape emerges from a sea of fractal patterns, a vision of the future where man and machine become one
A photograph of an otherworldly creature emerging from a portal, with hair and tentacles made of lightning. The foreground features an abandoned, dystopian cityscape with neon accents, adding to the ethereal atmosphere.
A photograph of a jubilant protagonist awash in a frenzy of vibrant hues and intricate illustrations, overflowing with his contagious enthusiasm for life. The character should be depicted in a symmetrical style featuring different aspects of his life, from camping in a forest, dancing in the rain, exploring ancient ruins, snowboarding, and more. Each scene should showcase his personality and interests while inviting the viewer to join him in his excitement. Dynamic poses, flowing lines, and a dream - like atmosphere will infuse life into this character.
A digital art image of a demon with long hair, in the style of cyberpunk manga, street scenes with vibrant colors, pixelart, rtx on, furry art, neon lighting, hyper-detailed
Create an electrifying stinger filled with chaotic action and punk energy, featuring an imposing orc with a spiky Mohawk, adorned with cybernetic enhancements and sporting a wicked grin. The stylized world should be filled with intriguing details and intricate touches, showcasing the ornate punk fashion and vibrant colors of this dark, horror business - inspired universe. The render should feature a highly detailed 3D model with stunning resolution, captured in Unreal Engine 5 for maximum impact.
A photograph of a fashion model with Symmetry in Synchromism style. The model should be wearing a vibrant patterned outfit and posed against a minimalistic backdrop
A multicolor, futuristic world with flying cars, trains, and levitating buildings. The landscape is dominated by advanced technology, including robots and cyborgs, while people blend in with their machines. The sky is filled with countless drones, making intricate patterns in the clouds. In the distance, three gods with the flaming heads oversee this rapidly evolving world
A photograph of a hauntingly beautiful alien queen with translucent wings, surrounded by a swarm of bioluminescent insects, in a vibrant psychedelic jungle, with surrealistic flowers and extra appendages, glowing with an ethereal light.
A painting of a skull with a hat, in the style of sci-fi baroque, light turquoise and red, fantastical contraptions, andrzej sykut, fantastic grotesque, prismatic portraits, giotto
A dazzling digital rendering of a futuristic world in which a humanoid skull with bright pink glasses and headband floats above a dynamic city. The scene includes intricate details such as neon lights, complex circuitry, and metallic architecture. The style is a blend of surrealist and science fiction elements with a punk rock edge, inspired by the works of artists such as Alex Ross and Simon Bisley. The colors are electrifying and vivid, showcasing a post-apocalyptic landscape that is both beautiful and dangerous
A dystopian post-apocalyptic city scene in the style of 1950s sci-fi retro-futurism. The city is in ruins and the characters are struggling to survive amidst the fallout. The color scheme should be muted with focus on rusty oranges, yellows, and browns. Incorporate radiation suits, scavenged weaponry, and mutated creatures into the piece. The scene takes place in a barren wasteland with decaying skyscrapers and obscured figures in the background
Create a stunning Breakcore-inspired digital artwork featuring a fashion model with a band aid covering her right eye, amidst a bustling metropolis ravaged by a catastrophic event. The model must exude a punkish, defiant air while shattered buildings, twisted metal and flames. The artwork should have a frenetic, fast-paced energy and be filled with chaotic glitch art, sharp lines, and bold contrasting colors
breakcore, glitch, bioluminescent, vibrant colors. Model skull flamboyant. Pinup::2 show, lingerie::2 fashion. Embellishment. explicit, reviil::2 18 body::
Electrified neon lightning, skull is wearing pink glasses and a pink headband, in the style of detailed science fiction illustrations, the blue rider, boldly fragmented, trashcore, editorial illustrations, electric color, hyper - detailed
Create a noisy, glitched artwork that centers around the interplay between a rotting and skull and decaying, embodying the chaotic and abrasive style of Breakcore. Incorporate vibrant tones and bold lines to construct a surreal and disorienting piece.
Create a vibrant, visually stimulating artwork that portrays a futuristic cyborg sporting psychedelic patterns and neon hues, forcefully bursting through a human. The robot should have an intricate design and dynamic energy, with intricate circuitry and metallic textures. The contrast between the organic and mechanical elements should intensify the shocking and psychedelic nature of the scene.
A photograph of a high fashion pattern featuring bold duotone shades with contrasting tones, sharp focus and gradients. The composition should embody Hollywood glam and complimentary lighting, inspired by the art styles of Alberto Seveso and Yigal Ozeri
A photograph of a mysterious figure, lurking in shadow at the edge of a vibrant carnival. The figure is partially concealed by a carnival game, but their eyes are revealed with an otherworldly glow. The background is saturated with color and sparkling lights, an atmosphere of happiness and celebration. Through the lens of the camera, capture the creeping suspicion that the figure is not quite human, an otherworldly being hidden amongst the joyous chaos
Multidimensional entity that glows and vibrates with gradients of prismatic colors, placed in a low-key setting, contrast between dark shadows and sharp edges. Crackling energy. Abstract composition, with fractal patterns emerging from the entity's form as it seems to shift through different dimensions.
A photograph of Keloe, an African model in multidimensional light. The composition should feature a soft light on Keloe's full body, while showcasing her tribal tattoos. Incorporate negative space & kaleidoscopic elements
A photograph of a woman in a field of lavender, laying in a bed of clouds with the moon shining above. Surrounding her are whimsical, colorful creatures, each unique and fantastical. Everything is bathed in moonlight, and the colors are monochromatic, blues and purples. The angle is slightly aerial and candid, creating a feeling of being there within a dream
A photograph of a time and space - monster, with glitch and pixel effects, poised on the brink of a portal. The monster has features altering to match the distortions of the glitched portal. The lighting, both hard and soft, captures the monster in a surreal, unconventional way, while the composition and vibrant colors emphasize the monster's menace.
A photograph of a black woman with a half black and half white makeover with pattern. Pastel - colored background. The lighting is well diffused, illuminating both sides of the face equally. Striking digital art, symmetrical, surreal composition.
A photograph of a woman, Glitch and minimalist. Pop and bold color.
A photograph of a futuristic soldier, on a barren wasteland, with mosaics and abstract graffiti in the foreground and background. Utilize chiaroscuro to draw the eyes to the soldier, who stands confidently while holding a sci-fi weapon. Incorporate contrasting tones and Ricoh lines to give it a gritty, avant-garde feel
In a dramatic and action-packed scene, a mighty hero battles a gargantuan monster in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, amidst crumbling ruins and poisonous gas. The art should be a blend of vivid and contrasting colors. The style could draw inspiration from comic book art, mixed with elements of dystopian and surrealistic imagery.
All yellow. Create an iconic portrait of a burlesque performer, with a slight touch of surrealism. She should be both elegant and seductive, with striking features and a dramatic pose. Incorporate bold colors and flowing shapes inspired by Art Nouveau and Klimt. Consider adding a unique accessory, such as a mask or stylized fans
Create an expressive mixed media piece of a five - star chef in their studio, in the process of blending aliments for an exotic dish. The chef is surrounded by a colorful array of ingredients. The style should be a fusion of realism and impressionism, with details drawn to capture the movements of the chef's hands. The background should feature sketches of culinary tools and recipes as if glimpsing inside the chef's creative mind.
A photograph of a chef in a vibrant kitchen, expertly blending flavors together to create a masterpiece dish. The scene is chaotic, yet organized, with pots and pans sizzling on the stove, fresh ingredients neatly arranged on the countertop, and spices and herbs scattered around the workspace. The camera angle is overhead, capturing the chef's hands in motion as they expertly blend the ingredients
Create a mixed media image of a gourmet kitchen, showcasing a chef throwing spices into a sizzling pan, igniting a geyser of flames. The chef should be surrounded by a variety of ingredients, culinary tools, and herbs, layered on top of a vintage cookbook page, which is collaged with a watercolor and ink drawing of a vineyard. The style should be impressionistic with bold strokes and vibrant colors, inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Georgia O'Keeffe.
A fantastical image of a man attached to a rocket ship to Mars set in a world of surreal and stimulating steampunk. The rocketship should have intricate details, resembling Leonardo da Vinci's flying machines, while the man should wear an ornamental helmet with golden goggles. In the background, there should be a beautiful panorama with a mixture of sky, clouds, stars, and the Martian landscape, radiating a celestial illumination. The image should portray an atmosphere of adventure and exploration.
Design a surreal and abstract art piece depicting an otherworldly creature with multiple sets of eyes, residing on a floating planet surrounded by rainbow - colored asteroids. The monster should be made with the technique of low - poly and with iridescent colors, and the other features of the scene like asteroids and planet should be decorative fractals with a mystical forest in the background.
Create an artwork featuring a man attached to a retro-futuristic rocket ship as it blasts off towards Mars. Incorporate intricate details such as swirling galaxies, cosmic energy, and glowing circuitry. The style should evoke a blend of eclectic steampunk and retro-futurism, with elements of Art Nouveau and stained glass design. The color palette should feature vibrant shades of teal, magenta, gold, and silver. The overall effect should be surreal, whimsical, and visually stunning

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