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Mad Prompts are compilations of my finest prompts that have consistently produced visually stunning and imaginative results. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or an AI enthusiast experimenting with Midjourney, I hope this volume will help you or at least spark a little something.

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A Photograph capturing a surreal floating sculpture made of intersecting lines in a monochromatic color scheme, defying gravity with serene grace.
Death fashion model on a fashion show parade. Glitch and binary formula neon. Gum bichromate. Bicarbonate. Skeleton queen with cubism dress and ornaments jewelry.
rainbow. cubist neon dress. model parade. death parade. goddess of death, rainbow gum bichromate. queen ๐Ÿ‘‘ of hip hop. ultra realistic sexy yet creepy. binary formula with gloomy lightning in. gritty. dark. occult. tribal.
In folk & tribal style, create a minimalist image that intricately intertwine contrasting emotions, using sharp lines and mathematical patterns. Explore the essence of an old star, evoking a prickly yet balanced visual experience.
A Photograph of an eclectic constellation. Brilliantly intertwine patterns, textures, and vibrant hues, echoing Richard Avedon's avant-garde glamour in an astral setting. Evocatively fragmented, with precise geometry and limitless depth.
A futuristic runway showcases sleek, translucent garments adorned with spectral illuminations, gleaming amidst a dynamic mesh of vibrant hues.
Fluxus, Tribal, Wuxia, Collage, Luminous
Lowbrow, Superflat, Metallic, Deco, Lomography
Space, completely black, 3D batik, prismatic, pop art, holographic. crazy fashion model with binary stars dress with planet in background. line and geometric formula cubism, kaleidoscopic and prismatic
A Photograph capturing the essence of Taro Okamoto's vibrant and dynamic artwork, infused with the rich heritage of folk and tribal influences. The composition features bold, abstract forms and patterns, utilizing a warm and earthy color palette. The subject, a striking human figure adorned with intricate tribal markings, is engaged in a powerful and expressive dance. The image exudes energy, celebrating the connections between culture, art, and the human experience.
A Photograph capturing a surreal floating sculpture made of intersecting lines in a monochromatic color scheme, defying gravity with serene grace.
In a dystopian future ruled by AI, punk and gritty fashion rebels emerge, adorned with cages and chains, defiantly breaking free from the order. A gripping photograph captures the chaos of a dystopian battlefield, where AI robots and human soldiers collide in a clash of vibrant explosions and shattered dreams.
a photograph of a sultry fashion vixen radiating cosmic energy dives into a celestial universe shimmering with red, black, and white. The scene crafted in a punchy punk and gritty Op art style and binary symbolistic thread line.
Capture the whimsical essence of a sultry tesseract vixen model, as she dives into a glitched celestial universe. Depict this galaxy goddess with punchy retro punk style, combining folk & tribal influences. Embrace a minimalist binary formula and vibrant colors (red, black, white), radiating cosmic energy.
In a surreal fashion portrayal, capture a disintegrating figure adorned with metallic shards, merging with an abstract liquid foil gradient background. The fragmented form embodies the dichotomy between chaos and beauty, evoking a sense of transformation and transcendence.
A digital painting illustrating a glitched celestial being with translucent, iridescent skin, emanating from a shattered black hole. Its fragmented body consists of shattered shapes, vibrant hues, and flowing lines, giving it an ethereal yet fragmented appearance. The background will showcase a chaotic cosmic landscape, filled with twisted constellations, glitched nebulas, and swirling geometric patterns that defy traditional space. The being's eyes will glow with an otherworldly light, revealing hidden depths and secrets of the universe. --niji 5
Capture the enigmatic essence of a shattered mirror reflecting distorted fragments of a parallel universe. Embrace the visual language of fractured realities, employing a mix of glitch and surrealism techniques to create a mind-bending photograph that challenges perception and transcends conventional boundaries.
absurd surrealist and bizarre. photograph of a minimalistic sultry tesseract vixen. glitched pop art. Warhol. neon blue, turquoise, black, and white. Punchy retro punk style and minimalist binary. clipped panelists formula.
In a dimly lit room, capture the essence of a mysterious figure shrouded in shadows. The figure is adorned with intricate geometric tattoos, reflecting the play of light and shadows. Surrounding the figure are floating shards of shattered mirrors, giving the illusion of fractured reality. Incorporate a monochromatic color scheme with pops of vibrant, iridescent hues, creating an otherworldly and surreal atmosphere. --niji 5
A minimalist and simple photograph capturing a solitary figure in a desolate, monochrome land. The figure is composed of intersecting geometric shapes, creating an enigmatic silhouette against the barren backdrop.

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