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Enhance your Midjourney experience with our new Chrome Extension

Manage your Images/Prompts Library locally for quicker searches and advanced features.

Capture data directly from your Midjourney account, store it in your browser's localStorage, and enjoy a better interface with features like specific criteria sorting and top words used in prompts.

Optimize your image generation process with 'and/or' logic in search and quick filtering using the top 40 most-used words.
Your ideal image is just a search away with the Midjourney Gallery Extension.

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Return length

Max number of characters returned by GPT
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- Documentation

Notice: no information passes through the server, everything is yours.

OpenAI's pricing for the API is ridiculously cheap and even better, you only pay for what you consume. With the API key, you'll be able to use preformated queries, which is not possible with ChatGPT.


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