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Mad Prompts are compilations of my finest prompts that have consistently produced visually stunning and imaginative results. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or an AI enthusiast experimenting with Midjourney, I hope this volume will help you or at least spark a little something.

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minimalist, artwork, Explore the delicate dance, abstract, simultaneously, intertwined emotions, monochromatic
Capture a photography of a cubist perspective of a female model, wearing a colorful cubist-inspired gown with a mask that mimics the aesthetic. The composition should revolve around multiple light fields and ultra-detailed elements to invoke a sense of high imagination.
Photography of symmetrical and minimalist occult skeletons, surrounded by silver roses and glowing orbs within a desolate black void. The skeletons are gracefully posed, their skulls adorned with iridescent crowns. A beam of light shines down on them, casting eerie shadows and emphasizing the contrast of the monochromatic scene. --style raw
A cubist-inspired photograph of symmetrical, minimal, and occult skeletons set against a dark, textured background with sharp geometric lines. The skeletons will be arranged in a staggered pattern with their interlocking joints creating an intricate web of lines and shapes. The edges of the bones should be sharp, angular, and partially transparent to create a sense of dimensionality and depth. The bones should glow with an otherworldly light and their eye sockets should emit a mysterious energy, making it a truly haunting and unforgettable image.
Cubism, Hyper Realism, Fluorescent
A photograph of an Agatha Christie-styled murder mystery scene featuring exotic animals wearing mysterious, glittering masks. Each animals should hint at a clue, and the lighting should create a noir atmosphere whilst exposing well-crafted patterns and color schemes.
Photograph two beings from different planets having a conversation in an intergalactic cafe inspired by pop art. Their scaling is dramatically different, with celestial colors shining from otherworldly beings.
Create a photography of a minimalist Provence landscape in pop-art style with floating geometric shapes in vibrant hues while emphasizing the natural beauty of the landscape.
Create a comic book-style artwork of a person splitting into multiple versions of themselves, each with different personalities and traits. Each version should represent an aspect of the original person's psyche, with unique costumes and powers. Think Multiplicity meets
Photograph a cubist perspective of a person, whose body is made up of mechanical parts, surrounded by a city of trees. The overall tone is surreal and mysterious.
Create a photograph of a young cyborg girl with the ability to manipulate time, who travels back to ancient Aztec civilization to prevent her ancestors from sacrificing their own. Using her powers, she creates a time portal with a vibrant color scheme, to reveal the beauty of Aztec architecture, with a fusion of traditional anime-inspired character design and scenic shots.
ultra realistic sexy yet creepy and absurd model with yellow and pink mask. gloomy lightning in the background. gritty. dark. occult. tribal. Op art --niji 5
ascii. bioluminescent. a duotone pastel minimalist artwork depicting a serene night scene. primastic, dmt. Show a sliver of the moon casting a soft glow over a tranquil landscape. Capture the silence and stillness of the night through minimal color palette and clean lines
pop art of demons, bold colors and background. Symmetrical and minimal, the image is inspired by the works of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. vibrant colors
Photograph a vaporwave grunge, funk, and punk inspired scene with a pin up punk girl in oversized clothes, posing next to a giant glowing boombox. The background is a neon abyss, with graffiti, glitches, and faded retro graphics overlaying. The lighting, composition, and colors are meticulously planned to add surrealism and phantasmic qualities.
Sexy. red black and white. bikini. a close up of a women swimming in a pool of red paint, minimalist, design. Op art
Photograph a human and a robot, painting each other faces. Fashion magazine cover. Achieve an editorial aesthetic with minimalism and bold pastel colors. Use a prismatic patterned background to make the image pop
Create a high-octane superhero battle scene where a carbon-printed hero fights a formidable villain in a prismatic arena. The artwork should burst with vibrant colors and dynamic energy, showcasing the hero's strength and agility through action-packed poses and dazzling light effects. Sparkle and shine with glitter accents to elevate the comic book style to a glittering spectacle
hyper realistic. photograph. desert at night. sun behind the curve with stars, comet and planets. Prismatic geometric glowing monoliths. rectangle glowing with floating neon glass orb. Surreal minimalist. vibrant column colors
In a dystopian backdrop, illustrate a holographic army of grotesque clowns, their translucent faces a disturbing mix of humor and horror, emerging from the shadows starkly contrasting vibrant color splashes. Intricate tilework patterns reflect distorted clown figures, to evoke harrowing uncertainty. --niji 5

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